Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Big Fat Finally!

This past Tuesday was the play-offs for our Poco R4s Spring Volleyball League, and guess what! We won it!! We have the hoodies and t-shirts to prove it! (our winnings) and our names are even going to go on a little plaque on the fancy trophy!

Poco R4s Spring League Champions
(From left to right: Me, Mark, Steve, Barb)
For someone who has been playing as long as I have, and who plays as much volleyball as I do, you would think/hope it would be a much more regular occurrence to win leagues and tournaments, however, it has been long overdue since I've won anything volleyball related. I think the last co-ed win I had (in the top pool anyway), was back in winter 2013. I know I had a women's league win since then, and another co-ed tourney win since then (but the tourney was a win in the lower pool - it's just not the same). 

Overall I am so pleased with how well our team did in this Spring league. We were leading in first place the entire season long. Sure we had a few bumps and fumbles along the way (all teams do), and in our play-off night we went all the way to five games in the first round (Best 3 out of 5). But for the final round of play-offs it was best 2 out of 3, and we only needed two games to finish it off.

I know it's really such a trivial thing, a win in a sport I've been playing for years, but honestly, it's amazing how much those wins boost my confidence. We worked our butts off all season long, and it was so awesome to see all the hard work really pay off.

For all those of you out there committing to physical activity, keep pushing! I promise you will reach your goal. The harder you work now to get there, the more rewarding it's going to be when you finally do!

And, finally, to finish it off, a big huge props to James from Poco Volleyball for hosting such a fun league, and a huge "good games" to all the players who participated!
The "A" pool participants
(I'm dead centre in the pink &Mark is behind me in the white - he's not normally that tall, a friend is holding him up, hah!)


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