Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Outdoor Tourny!

This past weekend was finally my first outdoor tourny of the season! Here is my fitness update pic the morning before the tourny started:

(June 14, 2015)
I'm feeling pretty happy with the progress I have made, but to be honest, I'm still a little disappointed. I know, I know, I'm not big by any means, but there's a certain level of more toned and tightened I was hoping to achieve. I feel like that little bit of lower belly pooch will forever be my enemy.

Oh well, I'm feeling more and more fit by the day and overall I am happy with my commitment to staying active regularly. 

On another note, as far as the tourney went, sadly, my new level of fitness did not seem to be an advantage. My partner and I did terrible the entire day. For some reason we just didn't mesh well and nothing was really working for us. Things that we normally do excellent, we were floundering with. Although we managed to stay in the AA/AAA pool based on round robin play, we lost both play-off games back to back so we were finished a lot sooner than the rest of the group we were with. Overall we had nine teams of people we knew there (5 guys teams, and 4 girls teams). The day was physically draining, mentally draining, but it was enjoyed with plenty of good company. A huge big thank you to Dustin at Cambie for once again hosting such an awesome Top Gun tourney.

Sadly I didn't really take any pictures at all throughout the day (I was too busy playing or cheering Mark and his team mate on) but I did manage to snag this photo that a friend took:

All in all I think this was a great way to start off my outdoor volleyball season! I have a beach womens 2s tourney coming up this Sunday so I can't wait to dig my feet into the sand!


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