Thursday, August 6, 2015

Broken in Whistler

Even though I re-broke my foot only a day before Mark and I were supposed to be heading to Whistler, of course, we decided to still go anyway. We were scheduled to play in a grass co-ed reverse 2s tournament through TFC Volleyball and we did not want to miss out. We had friends playing in the co-ed reverse 4s tourney on the Saturday as well, but then there were just a few of us scheduled to play in the 2s on Sunday. 

I know, I know, I shouldn't have played, I shouldn't have even gone. I should have parked my butt on the couch with ice on my foot, but I couldn't resist. It's tradition for us to play in this Whistler tournament, we've been doing it for the entire 6+ years since Mark and I have been together, so there was no way I was going to miss out. 

I wrapped my foot nice and tight and laced up my shoes really well in the morning, but needless to say the aches and pain in my foot got progressively worse as the day wore on. We went 3-2 in the round robin and then in the play-offs it went: win, lose, win, lose. Next thing we knew it was over. After our second play-off loss we were knocked out, and to be honest, although disappointed (I knew I wasn't playing to my best ability), I was slightly relieved to be able to finally tend to my foot. I immediately put my air cast back on for the walk back to the car and then wrapped my foot in ice for the 2 hour car ride back home to White Rock. 

Mark & I
(Early morning waiting to get the tournament started) 
(The field set up for 40+ teams)
The Boys
(From left to right: Kyle, Mark & Ricki)

The Girls
(From left to right: Me, Jess & Sarah)

 All in all I am happy that I was able to play, but in the grand scheme of things, I know it was a terrible idea to put so much strain on my foot after such a fresh re-injury. Needless to say, I am paying for it now, and I have my butt parked on the couch in an attempt to expedite this recovery in any way possible. 

Do you have any summer traditions that you just cannot pass up?



  1. Speaking of upper body workouts, you are ripped! Hot damn girl!

    1. Haha I wish! But thanks for the good thoughts ;)
      It's hard to feel confident when the girl in the plain black shorts and blue sports bra has had two kids and is way more toned!
      Oh well, got to stay motivated somehow!

  2. Dude, you are such a trooper! I would have had a hard time not going either. Hopefully your foot starts to feel better soon. I don't really have any summer traditions I just can't miss, but really I just don't like missing out of ANYTHING, so I would have wanted to push though like you!

    1. Yeah it totally blows not being able to be completely involved! It's very de-motivating, but I've had a lot of support so I'm pretty lucky.