Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How Do I Get Where I Need To Be?

I have been writing this post for about three months and I just can't seem to figure it out. Bottom line is, I'm not sure I am satisfied doing what I'm doing career wise, but that might just be because I have not really excelled in my personal endeavors lately. After writing and re-writing this post....this is where I am at.....stumped. See for yourself:

About 4 or 5 years ago I was at a point in my life where I had a steady, well-paying career, but yet I felt compelled to make the decision (now or never) to jump into a completely different career field. In the span of two years I went from being a Legal Administrative Assistant, to a Student/Waitress, to a Medical Radiography Technologist -- quite the transition. I have been an X-ray Tech for approximately 2 years now, and I am feeling that same itch again. I find myself asking, "can I really picture myself doing this for the next 20 years?" Sure there is a lot of opportunity for growth in the medical imaging field (i.e. Mammo, Bone Density, CT, MRI, Interventional, etc.), however all of it is really only lateral movement, and to be honest, I do not have much interest in those other imaging modalities. So, do I stay in x-ray and do the same thing in 20 years that I am doing today, or do I make a leap into something new?

I am constantly day dreaming lately about photography as a career, as well as a sports/fitness coordinator. I think I want to build something from the ground up, build a brand, build a name for myself, but I know nothing about how to even start, or if I'd even enjoy it. Is it worth the personal risk? I have a steady, reliable, well-paying career at the moment, so why give it up? Why not just make one of those things my hobby on my days off.

The answer: "I have no idea."

No matter how many times I write and re-write this post, I seem to talk myself into or out of any idea, motivation, or clarification I seem to come up with. I see companies like Fitness Blender, where it's a husband and wife who have created a name for themselves, help people better themselves, and seem to be spending their days doing what they love, and making money doing it (let's be honest we all need an income to survive). I want that! Now I haven't decided if I want to venture the path of photography, or volleyball/fitness, or somehow incorporate both....but I want that. I want to spend my days doing what I love and am passionate about, instead of it just being a side thought, a hobby.

The biggest challenge: I have no idea how to make this transition.

Do I just wake up tomorrow, buy a camera, sign up for a photography class, start working part time as a waitress again (so I can have more flexible hours), create a website, post an add on craigslist and just see where it gets me? Should Mark and I take out a loan, rent a facility where we can run a volleyball program, again start working part time as a waitress (so I can have more flexible hours), create a website, post an add on craigslist,and amongst the current volleyball community we know, and just see where it takes us?

.....I literally have no idea, and if it is that easy.....well then I'm simply just to scared right now. But why. I don't want to be scared. I just want to do it, I want it to happen. I guess making the transition from Legal Administrative Assistant to Medical Radiography Technologist was a lot easier because there was a set plan/schedule/courses to follow. If I venture into one of these other endeveours I only have my own plan, and what if my plan isn't good enough.

I really want to be one of those people who truly love what they do for work, and to be honest, I just feel like every minute that passes by is getting me further and further away from that even being a possibility, let alone a reality.

So, again, I am do I get there, how do I get where I need to be?



  1. You know what I would do? Keep the x-ray job (for now?) to make the money you need to fullfill your dreams. The great thing about working part-time and not having kids is that there is enough free time to do what you love! Get yourself a decent camera and start taking photos like a crazy person! You can use your time off as practice time to work towards what you really want to do. Read as much as you can about how to start a company, start networking, try to contact people who are doing what you would like to do. A lot of people who built their own business are extremely helpful and don't mind answering questions and sharing their tips and tricks.
    Good luck, you can do this!

    1. Great tips Miriam! Now I just have to find the courage to follow through with them. I did volunteer to take on running a women's league this season so I'm pretty excited about steps right? Lol