Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Fashion Funday: Packing

I am a terrible packer! 

Correction: I am an excellent packer of items, but a terrible chooser of items needing to pack. 

What I'm slowly learning from all you fashionstas (thank god for Pinterest) is to prepare outfits based on interchangeable items! 

So here is my most recent attempt at packing for a 7 day all inclusive in Cabo, Mexico:
(3 dressy evening/dinner outfits)
(3 casual/daytime outfits)

(swimsuit cover ups - I ditched the pink one last minute)

(Casual shoulder protection, & evening dressing sweater) 
Last minute I did also end up adding an extra tank top plus some board shorts (to play volleyball in) and then, of course, I also brought the usual swimsuits, undergarments, some sweats to lounge in.

For shoes I went with a casual beach flip flop, a dressy strappy sandal, a slip on sneaker, and then traveled in a pair of light runners. 

So there you have it, my beachy, all inclusive, vacation fashion!
How do you pack best?


  1. Cute outfits. I think you did good!! On our MX all inclusive vacation we rarely wore actual clothes during the day and just needed outfits for dinner/evening activities so the three casual outfits + tops to interchange should be perfect. I usually over pack for beach vacations and then get there and wear hardly any clothes. I should point out I'm a terrible packer for myself because I get anxious, and then throw extra things in, even though I know I probably don't need to. Have fun!!!

    1. You called it! Most days I wore simply a bathing suit and only threw on clothes when we popped in to eat food so a lot of the outfits I never really got "dirty".
      All in all though I'm glad I had options for outfits but I didn't feel over packed !