Monday, June 27, 2016


Since I work shift work, and Mark works office hours, it's not very often that we get full weekends off together (especially without any pre-scheduled priorities), and sadly it's going to be even less frequent starting next month due to a new position I took at work. 

This weekend however, was one of the few rare occasions where we didn't have any pre-booked plans (ie weddings, volleyball, bbqs, etc.), and we had both Saturday and Sunday off together. 

These pictures and video basically sum up our weekend: 

Coffee, outdoors, other words: perfection! 

It's these simple weekends that remind me how in love I am with the life I am lucky enough to have.  Sure, not everything is perfect all the time (life gets busy, expensive, overwhelming), but there's more than enough on any given day to make me happy and really that's all I'll ever need! 

Let yourself fall in love with the life you already have, instead of stressing about the life that it hasn't yet become. 


  1. Love that last line! So true. Glad you got a nice weekend together when they are so few and far between.

    1. Thanks! Yes it's such a nice little treat when we get to kick back and just relax together. No pressure!