Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Figuring It Out

This time last year I was miserable. 

I was working nights, I was barely sleeping, I had a broken foot, I was 20lbs heavier, I felt like I was missing out on everything social, and I didn't know how to communicate my feelings. 

It's a year later and I am learning to be happy again. 

I work early mornings (almost nights), I sleep in often, but I also wake up way to early. I have no broken bones, I'm not letting the scale define my mood, I attend the events I want, decline invitations when I'm not interested, but I do still feel left out when I can't make the events I want. 

Simple happiness doesn't always come easy to me. I often take the life I have for granted but I've learned to recognize that it's okay to not always be 100 percent satisfied 100 percent of the time. I'm generally a very negative person, and I don't always see the bigger picture, but I am happier in my skin today than I have been my entire life. 

I didn't make any particularly drastic changes. 

But I am changed...still changing. 

I don't always know how to succeed at life on a day to day basis, but everyday I smile more, I laugh more, and most importantly I relax more. 

Do the things that make you feel like you are worth more, because if I've learned anything in the last year, it's that not everyone is willing to show you your worth, so it's up to you to find it. 

Some days all I need is a quick pick-me-up, other days I need an overwhelming amount of support to hold me up. 

Balance is key, and I'm working on finding mine. Today I know exactly what I need, a good book and some fresh air. Other days I still feel lost but I know it's okay because I just have to ask myself simple questions to figure it out. 

Life is a work in progress. No one has it all figured out all the time...especially not me.

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