Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Fashion Fun-Day: Baby Shower Heat

Last weekend my second oldest sister, Leigh, threw a surprise baby shower for my oldest sister, Christina (she's due in October!)! 

It was hosted at my Auntie Nandi's house, and although it was sweltering hot, especially with 30+ people all gathered together (Christina has an amazing group of love and support!), I was quite pleased with my outfit choice for the occasion. 

I wore my black shorts and a "wide arm" block colored T-shirt (both from Winners, of course!). Although everyone else was a bit more dressed up than I was (most people wore sun dresses), I felt like I still had a good enough combo of casual, cute, and most importantly COMFORTABLE!  The wide arms of my tshirt was perfection to avoid showing too much sweat, and anytime I was in the sunshine or by a fan, it let the breeze through. 

It was also a must that I wear my hair up (eventhough I really wanted to curl it down) in order to help manage the heat overload. Again,  it may have looked a bit more on the casual side, but comfort was a way bigger priority! 

How do you handle the heat when dressing up? 

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