Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Not that Kind of Girl" by Lena Dunham

I just finished reading my first book of the new year. My parents bought it for me as a gift for the most recent Christmas.
I plan for 2015 to give a little summary/review of all the books I finish reading. Unfortauntely, as I am writing this particular post, I've realized that I've already made a big boo boo. Sure it is easy enough to give a summary and review of the book, but I was hoping to elaborate a little more by including some of my favorite moments/quotes from the novel. As I made my way through the book, I made mental notes of comments or life lessons that I was touched by, but I never bothered to take the time to write them down or, at the very least, mark the page so I could easily refer back without having to re-read the entire book again. I'm still going to give you guys my summary and review of it, and hopefully for future books I will not drop the ball so badly.

This book isn't so much a beginning to end novel, but is a collection of stories from the author about her life's challenges, triumphs, loves, and a variety of life lessons. She touches on things like, falling in love, figuring out her body, frienships, career, family, etc.  The author is Lena Dunham, who apparently is the Creator, Producer, and Star of a show called "Girls." I had never heard of her before (my sisters, who also received the book as a gift, seemed to know who she was better than I did), but apparently she is pretty well know for her humor, charisma, and blatent honesty.

There were plenty of times while reading this book that I found myself laughing, sometimes out loud, other times just to myself. I would catch myself reminscising and comparing my experience on similar topics that she addresses. Being only three years older than myself, I also found a lot of the references in the book easily relatable to my years growing up. The book was also filled with a lot of valuable comments that really made me reflect back on emotional and physical struggles that I had growing up and I often found comfort in her words. That being said though, there were a few points that I didn't really care for in this book. Sometimes the tone used when she discusses topics, that I find particularly sensitive, comes across a little harsh and almost ridiculing, and sometimes a little too far-fetched. All in all though I would reccommend this book to mature readers that are looking for something funny, harshly honest, and a little bit "out there."

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. My 2015 goal is to read more so I'll be on the lookout for your book reviews! ;)