Monday, March 21, 2016

FBFIT Round 1 Results

If I don't already talk about it enough, here is another post about my love of Fitness Blender, although this one is more progress/results related.

On Sunday March 13, 2016 I finished FBFit Round 1. It was an 8 week total body fitness program. It had a mix of HIIT, cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates, etc. I finished the program 2 days early, and here are my Physical Fit Test results:
(FBpft results)
(Top: January 24, 2016; Bottom: March 13, 2016)

Although Mark only joined me for a handful of workouts throughout the program, he did decide to join me for the final fit test. Here are his results:
(FBPFT results)
(Top: February 1, 2016; Bottom: March 13, 2016l

All in all I am pretty pleased with my results. I definitely have noticed a lot more tone in my body and I just feel so much better. My endurance has improved and my ability to lift more weight has majorly improved. I did expect my run time to be a bit better however it was literally torential downpour the day I did it so I felt the cold and wind really slowed me down. Oh well, progress is still progress!

I also am now one week in to FBFit Round 2 and I am super excited to be borrowing my sisters Bowflex Adjustable Weights. Without the adjustable weights my options were two 5lb dumbells, two 10lb dumbells, one 12kg kettlebell, one 16kg kettlebell, and two 20lb dumbells. Now with the bowflex weights I have a way wider range of weight which should hopefully drastically improve my progress! 

Here's to another 7 weeks of improving!

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