Monday, March 14, 2016

Harry Potter - En Français!

It took me 51 weeks but I did it! I finally finished the 1st Harry Potter novel in French! 

Most of you probably already know the Harry Potter story so I don't need to do my typical summary & review. However, I will go ahead and say that if you are planning on using reading as a tool for improving your language skills, I would recommend choosing something that is not in the fantasy genre. I spent so much time translating words I didn't know, only to realize that they were made up words in English as well. 

Anyway, I can barely believe I actually completed this so I am so freaking stoked and that's all I really have to say about it! 


  1. What a great achievement, well done girl!! Funny enough, one of the first books I ever read in English was Harry Potter as well! I figured that reading a children's book in a foreign language is easier than one for adults, but I encountered the same problem: Made-up words. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful book, and I felt so proud when I finished it!

    1. Reading is a great tool to help improve language skills (whether it's your mother tongue or something foreign)!I'm so glad I tried Harry Potter, but I definitely won't do fantasy in french for a very very long time!