Friday, March 25, 2016

Proper Form is Priority: Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog has a very frequent appearance in my Fitness Blender cool down/stretches so I thought I better check in on my form. I have never been much into yoga so my experience with this pose is pretty limited however, the more I do it and try to push my range of motion, the more I enjoy it bit by bit.

(Downward Facing Dog)

Sadly I'm only giving myself a 2.5/5. 

Although I was feeling good doing the move, I see now that I still have a lot of flaws. My hands and feet are too wide apart, my spine is rounded, and instead of pressing down into my shoulders they seem to be a bit scrunched up. I do have to give myself a bit of credit on my flexibility though because I am now able to press my heels all the way into the floor and I do have my fingers spread for better weight distribution! 

How do you feel about the downward dog pose/stretch? 


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    1. That means a lot coming from such an experienced yogi like you!!