Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feeling The Pressure

I am nearing the final 8 week mark of my #FBFIT round 1 program and I fear that I will be dissapointed with my results. 

The first 4 weeks I was super motivated and making leaps in progress, but then week 5 hit and I started to fade, and then week 6 and 7 I had a terrible sickness that lingered (and to be honest is still kind of hanging around) and really slowed me down. Now I'm on week 8 and have my physical fit test scheduled on Tuesday (for comparison), so needless to say, I'm getting pretty worried. I really want my results to be impressive but I just don't think I pushed myself hard enough in the second half of the program to be fully satisfied with the outcome. 

So, I've got 4 days left to really let the pressure get my but in gear and hope for, well let's be honest, a miracle. 


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