Monday, March 2, 2015

One for Philippine Volleyball Tournament Fundraiser

On Saturday February 21, 2015, I played in a volleyball tournament at Harry Jerome Sports Complex in Burnaby. It was a fundraiser for "One for Philippine" Volleyball. 

Our team was: Myself (setter), Mark (power), Tasha (power), Bryce (middle), Derek (middle) and Lucas (offside). 

We went 2-3 in the round robin which made us end up in the bottom of the middle pool. Because of that, for the first round of playoffs, we had to play the first place team in our pool, and let me tell you, we got absolutely schooled!

Granted, our team wasn't playing to the best of our abilities (all throughout the day the dynamic was just a little "off"), but even if we had been on our A-game, we still would have just been out skilled by this other team.

Oh well! As per usual, it was still great fun, an awesome day, and nice to support a good cause!

Here are some photos from the tournament: 

That's all for today! Sorry I've been a little MIA lately (we just finished our move, and the computer has only finally been set back up, plus I'm recovering from about two weeks straight of being sick, and I was on my five on nights all last week!)
More to come soon, I promise!



  1. Ugh, 2 weeks of being sick? I'm sorry, that sucks. Hopefully you're feeling better now?!

    1. Yes, just getting over the last little stretch of it! But unfortunately Mark has caught it now so I'll be taking care of him for a few days. Hopefully by next week we'll be back to our normal happy/healthy selves!