Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting settled!

So it's been a couple weeks in the new place and I think it's pretty safe to say.....LOVE IT!
Of course there a few minor details which we would love to be able to improve (a bit of toddler noise upstairs, and a bit of traffic noise from the front yard when the window is open, and the lack of fencing in the back yard), but aside from those minimal things, we are just absolutely loving it.

Here are some photos during the moving process:
(Living room)
(Spare bedroom)
(Laundry room)

The animals are still taking a bit of time to adjust to the new surroundings. Mouse has been hiding mostly in the laundry room, but roams around at night time when the commotion has settled. Bear seems to be doing just fine inside, lounging around like usual however, he is super eager to get outside (which we are fine with), but as soon as I open the door from him, he seems a little more timid than usual. He has been out in the backyard a few times now, but still hesitates to get his paws out the door. Hopefully there's no bully neighbourhood cats pestering him!

As for Captain, he is sleeping through the nights no problem, minimal growling at the noises coming from upstairs (usually only if they startle him), however, you can tell he doesn't quite believe it is home yet. Any time Mark and I try to go anywhere without him, he gets this panicked look like we're leaving him behind. Because of that anxiety he has destroyed three books (partly my fault for leaving them on a lower shelf where he can easily reach them), but no damage to the house or furniture so I think we're doing pretty good.
(Based on that look on his face you would think we're leaving him forever instead of just to go grocery shopping)
 We already had my parents and the in-laws over for dinner one night (we ordered in Chinese food), and I think it's safe to say that the parents were pleased with our new accommodations.

I still have yet to take my "new home" photos (with everything set up and decorated) but as soon as I get those done I plan on posting a few here for you guys to check out.


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  1. Poor Captain! But dogs are smart they know how to play us - he just wants you guys to feel sorry for him and take him with you!
    Your place looks great, can't wait to see the tour!