Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Fashion Funday! Weekend Get-away: Packing list

Late last year I went to Tofino for a four day weekend get-away. Unfortunately, I had to work nights for the five nights prior to leaving. That, combined with sleeping in the morning after getting off work, and volleyball most of the evenings, I honestly didn't give myself a whole lot of time to pack. We were only gone for three nights, four days (two of which were partly driving days), so I didn't have a whole lot to pack, but being on a time constraint I became way more stressed out than I probably needed to be. 

That being said, I thought I'd share with you guys how I did manage to get my self packed up and loaded in the car in a somewhat timely fashion. 

Here is what I brought with me:

-Black thick slouchy sweater
-Blue knit zipper back sweater
-Blue & white pinstriped mens button up shirt
-White layering tank x3
-Black layering tank 
-Grey layering long tank

-Dark wash skinny jeans
-Grey relaxed fit skinny jeans
-Lulu lemons
-Leggings x2

-Blue & White striped t-shirt dress
-Brown slouchy dress

-Yellow Roma rain boots
-Black flats
-Slip on Toms

-Maroon hoodie
-Turquoise hoodie
-Green vest
-Blue wrap sweater
-Rain jacket

-Striped shorts
-White tank top

Swimsuit x2 (you never know when a strap might break)
I know, I know, this sounds excessive considering we we're only gone three nights, but remember I had to prepare for sunny vs. stormy weather, I needed lounging clothes, a going out outfit (for my anniversary), and then walking the dog grubby stuff (he tends to jump up still sometimes, so I never know how dirty I am going to get) annnnnnnd, I also tend to be a little, shall we say clumsy instead of sloppy, so there's no doubt I'll make a mess of at least one of the outfits and not be able to reuse an item, hah.

This was how/when I wore the outfits:

Friday travel day:
-Grey relaxed fit skinny jeans
-White layering tank #1
-Blue & white pinstripe mens button up shirt
-black flats
-long hooded rain jacket

-Blue & white striped t-shirt dress
-Blue knit, back zipper sweater
-Turqouise hoodie
-Black leggings #1
-Yellow Roma rain boots

(Ignore Mark's crazy-eye'd look)

-Black oversized slouchy sweater
-Grey layering long tank
-Black leggings #2
-Yellow Roma rain boots

Monday travel day:
-Dark wash skinny jeans
-Black oversized slouchy sweater
-white layering tank #2
-black flats

In the evenings I mostly ended up wearing my lulu lemons, a layering tank, and either hoodie, as seen here:

Unfortunately, I did not snap a photo in my outfit before Mark and I went out for our anniversary dinner but I wore the following:
-Brown slouchy dress
-Blue wrap sweater
-Black leggings
-Black flats
-Long hooded rain jacket

Well, I think that is everything. Of course, I also packed the usual underwear, socks, bras, toiletries, etc., but overall, I made sure to bring stuff that I could easily swap in and out with other items. For instance, I could have paired both the blue back-zip sweater or the black slouchy sweater over top of my blue & white striped dress, and I also could have paired them over any of the layering tanks, with any of the jeans or leggings I brought. Also, I could have worn either the blue back-zip sweater or the black slouchy sweater over top of the brown slouchy dress instead. Everything was easily interchangeable. I think that is key to a good packing list. Yes, I may have packed a little excessively for only a three night trip, but this packing list easily could have lasted me an entire week, maybe even longer!

Oh, and p.s. this all fit into one weekend travel bag! Mark and I did bring one extra lulu lemon bag as well for things like the dog toys, food, board games, towels, etc. but all in all I think it was a pretty minimal packing job!

I'd love to hear if you have any minimal packing tips!!

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  1. Captain is humongous! I love him, he's so great.
    Whenever I pack I lay everything I intend to bring out on the bed, and then put at least a third of the clothes back into the closet. I notoriously over-packed in the past, and this trick has changed my packing game!