Thursday, March 19, 2015

First attempt at the headstand!

Tuesday was Day 1 of trying out my headstand for my 30 before 30 list.

The lovely Farmgirlmiriam has already excelled at this task and recommended Kino yoga instructor for me for some tips on how to approach the whole thing.

Well, as per usual, Miriam did not disappoint! This Kino gal is just amazing. Her demonstrations and explanations are so clear and use such simple movements and concepts that I'm feeling pretty encouraged about the whole process of taking on this headstand challenge.

Now granted, after a couple attempts which I thought were pretty, shall we say, accurate, I decided to record myself so that I could have a better idea of where I was really at. After reviewing the footage I was slightly discouraged. I wasn't nearly as controlled, flexible, or strong as I thought I was. I was wobbly, beat red in the face (forgetting to breathe), and just uncoordinated. That being said though, I was still able to get myself with both legs (although squatted) in the air.

I did have a couple hard crashes to the side when I was trying to get my legs all the way raised in the air, but it was only day 1.

I think if I keep working at this consistently, I'm hoping within a month or two I should be able to have the strength and coordination to get the movement much more controlled and accurate.
(Bare with me, these were the only two videos I had that didn't have the dog in the way!!)

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was about to do day 2 of my journey to accomplishing a controlled headstand, but sadly, within the first 10 mins, I realized how sore the top of my head was from the previous day. I know, I know, the weight is supposed to be on my arms, shoulders and back, so obviously I have to work on my technique. 

Anyway, plenty more videos to come over the next little while!

Wish me luck!

Have you taken on any new fitness endeavours lately?


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!! You are way too hard on yourself, your form is excellent! You will get there, I have no doubt in my mind about that.
    I'm just getting the hang of distributing the weight away from my head to my shoulders, it's hard! But it's all about practice.
    Isn't Kino the cutest? I just love her!

  2. Have you ever looked at the GMB site?
    Check this video out

    1. Wow John! Thanks for the video! That guy has so much body control! I'm super jealous!!