Sunday, July 3, 2016

Monthly Mayhem: June 2016

Here is how I spent my month:


-PFAC Co-ed Grass Reverse 4s Tournament at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School June 5, 2016 - 2nd place in C pool - 9th out of 16 total

-Finished Indoor Co-ed Reverse 4s Aldergrove Volleyball league - 1st place!!
-Top Gun Womens/Mens 2s Grass Tournament run by Cambie Sports June 12, 2016 - came in 3rd place in the AA\A+ pool

-Finished Co-ed 6s POCO Volleyball league -3rd place!

-Into The Thao Friday June 3, 2016 (a friend of ours from volleyball, Bryce "Wonderbread" Koebel, performed in it) - AWESOME!
-Dad & Sister's birthday Dinner get together, Saturday June 4, 2016 
-Niece, Ryan's 3rd Birthday - June 11, 2016
-Go-Karting for Father's day at Fast Track Indoor Karting -June 18, 2016

-Finished FBFlex and FBBooty Round 2
-Started FBabs (again + adding in some "extra credit" impromptu workouts)

-Did some muffin baking again but haven't tried any new recipes

-Still working through the French version of "This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen (about 95 pages in)

How was your June?

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