Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Fashion Fun-Day: Basics!

Last weekend we went to two BBQs: a 50th birthday party for Mark's boss, and a graduation party for my cousin. Both events were relatively casual (some of the older folks dressed up a wee bit nicer for the 50th birthday party), so the dress code was pretty relaxed. 

I had to work both days so honestly by the time I got home and had to get ready, I was in no mood to put effort into looking anywhere next to decent. That being said, I decided to just keep it simple and go back to the basics: Jeans and a tank. 

I went with my boyfriend fit Mavi jeans (which are a little snugger than most boyfriend fits - thanks to my large bottom half), and my black PINK T-back tank top. I paired it with just some slip on flip flops ($6 Roxy brand from Winners), and my new open knit cardigan from Rip Curl and that seemed to do the trick. It was one of the rare times I pulled off my favorite look: "look how cute you look and you didn't even have to try!" I was ready in a total of about 30 minutes (including shower time and lint rolling), and I got complimented twice of my outfit - BONUS!

When in doubt, stick with the basics, they will never fail you!