Saturday, July 23, 2016


You may recall from last year that I started a 30 before 30 list. Today I am proud to announce that I have another item to check off. #4 on that list was to obtain a permanent position at work, and well, today is officially my start date of my new PERMANENT position. 

Although the shifts/hours of the position are not ideal, this is still a huge relief for me because it means even more job security. Basically think of it this way:

When I was working Temp jobs before it was similar to as if I was renting a house. I was in the jobs for a set amount of time, sometimes it would get extended, sometimes cut short, so although I had set shifts and hours, there was still limited security. Someone else owned the home and I was just temporarily living in it until they said otherwise. Now that I own my own permanent position, instead of a temporary one, it's like I own my own home. So now, if I want, I can still rent my home out to others while I temporarily rent someone else's home, but I will always have my own home to fall back into if need be. 

It took just over 2.5 years to get my permanent position and I am so excited to relax and just be happy with the progress I have made in my career. Sure, other younger/newer techs have already surpassed me in my career endeavors, but that's okay. I am content to be where I'm at today. Progress is still progress no matter what others around you are doing. 


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