Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Decision Made: Wedding Dress

I have finally decided on what to do with my now almost 2.5 year old wedding dress! 

(Vera Wang White Collection)
I decided I am going to take it to a seamstress to get it made into another more "everyday" kind of dress. I know it's probably a little too fancy to be an everyday dress however, I do want to be able to wear it again to other random dressier events! 

I am a little worried though that I've left the dress too long without being dry-cleaned that it might not be salvageable anymore. I know there is plenty of fabric to use, but when I pulled the dress out of my closet last week, I realized the dress is a lot more filthy than I remembered (keep in mind we did get married outdoors in the pouring rain late November 2013). 

If it turns out there is not enough dress left to be altered into something more wearable, then my back up plan is to trash it (because let's be honest it's already pretty ratty) . So, in that case, I plan on doing some sort of volleyball wedding dress mess! 

I would love to hear some suggestions on the style/shape I should turn the dress into! The dress is currently a strapless organza draped bodice with an A-line tulle skirt. 

I'd love to hear what any of you or your significant others have done with your wedding dress? 


  1. My dress is older than yours and I still haven't decided, but I am tired of all the space it takes up in the extra closet. My plan was to get it preserved and put in a box where the bodice sits inside a little window so you can still look at it. Like a souvenir. It never happened. Your dress is gorgeous!!

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah, I hate how much space it takes up too, but I also love how beautiful I feel when I put it on so I'm really hoping things work out and I can get it altered into something that's more manageable to fit in the closet ;)