Monday, May 9, 2016

Finished FBFit Round 2!

On Friday I finished round 2 of FBfit 8 week program and although my final physical fit test results weren't quite what I had hoped for, I am overall still very pleased with my ability to maintain my weight, size, and strength throughout the program (keep in mind I was off on vacation for two weeks-one of which was spent in Cabo).

Here are my fit test results:

Here are my progress photos:
(Top: March 13, 2016; Bottom: May 6, 2016) 
I know the lighting and angle is way different (Mark wasn't home to take the most recent pictures so I had to do it on my own), so it's hard to see a true comparison, however I think I did okay.

Yesterday I started FBBooty round 2, as well as FBFlex (both 4 week programs) and I'm feeling great! My main focus for this 4 week span is going to be to tighten my lower belly so in order to do that I'm really going to slow down and work on contracting every little muscle for each move instead of pushing the pace which mainly challenges my cardiovascular endurance.

Wish me luck!

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