Thursday, May 26, 2016

Changes? Not really.

I dug up this special little gem the other day, and well,  I couldn't resist sharing simply because it just goes to show that although I have changed, and grown in a million ways since this photo, I am also still very much the same.

The picture is from a camping trip in 2003-2004 ish that my family took with another family of friends at the time.

I'm holding the first volleyball I ever owned, and although we were camping in the photo, it is still my "go-to" style to wear sweats and a t-shirt on a daily basis (whether im at home or heading out). 

You will notice that my hair was significantly longer back then but I am currently in the midst of growing it back out. I will however, try to do a better job maintaining it (although I'm pretty sure in the photo I had just come out of the water). 

I doubt I will ever drastically change my desire to lounge in sweats (jeans and tights are strictly for leaving the house), and never ever ever will I lose my passion for volleyball. I swear volleyball and sweatpants are defining qualities to my character. 

What have you hung on to from your past? 

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