Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 x Jealousy

I constantly find myself rationally, but also often irrationally, jealous of other people. Here are just five of the reasons why (trust me, there are plenty more):

I believe anyone that has a somewhat "fit" body, automatically has a better body than me. I feel severe urges of jealousy when I see people with toned arms, flat tummys, slender legs, or more capable muscles (i.e. they can do something I cannot). I wish I had the mental and physical discipline that they do in order to gain and maintain their physique. 

Style (clothing, hair, and sometimes makeup)
My favorite look is the "look how cute you look, and you didn't even have to try!" however, this is something that I am next to never able to achieve, because even if I end up with a look that is complementary, it is never effortless. It usually takes hours of tossing clothes in and out of my closet, multiple attempts at doing and re-doing my hair until it falls just so, and as far as makeup goes, although I much prefer a subtle, simple look (mascara, tiny bit of blush, and lip-gloss), sometimes I can't even manage to get that right on the first try.

I don't believe I will ever get to point where I can go an entire day without doubting myself at least once at some point throughout an entire day. I believe people with the right amount of confidence (not arrogance), are the most beautiful.

I feel so envious of people that can somehow manage to afford to purchase their own home in today's market, simple as that. I want to own a small, basic home, with a decent size yard, but I know it is just so far away right now.

Travel Experience
I have been to the following places: Vanderhoof, San Francisco, Merrit, Osoyoos, Kamloops, Oahu Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, Tofino, Sunshine Coast, San Jose Del Cabo Mexico. I believe most people have been to more places than I and I am jealous that they have seen and experienced more things than me. I want the relaxation and adventure that comes along with travelling to new places. 

Jealousy can be a tricky thing. Although most times it has negative connotations associated with it (see all irrationality above), I also do strongly believe that it can be a positive motivating tool --> if used carefully. Focus on letting the jealousy give you ideas and innovation on where you want to go, or how to improve your life instead of letting it control or consume you.

(Captain's jealous face when the cat is getting pet instead of him)


  1. Ugh! I'm with you on every single one except for the home ownership one just just because we did somehow manage to squeak in there 6 years ago, but I know it's hard. I truly believe that these feelings come from not being satisfied with myself. I hate to say it, but I really think that is what it is and so I try to work on that...and it's an ongoing never ending project! I know people who have been to far less places than you. Like none. But I know it's all relative. You have a pretty nice travel list there and you are young. There is still time!

    1. I totally relate to those feelings of dissatisfaction. It's not that I'm not happy with who I am or where I'm at, but I find myself always wondering if I could do better or be better, you know?
      Lucky that you were able to get into the housing market! It's a major accomplishment you should be very proud of!