Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How I met my Mark-y

(Mark in Cabo - April 2016)
I met my husband, Mark, playing in one of the first drop-in volleyball scrimmages I ever joined. He isn't the tallest of volleyball players by any means, but man did he get my attention anyway. He may only be 5'8" but he has hops for days, hits like a beast, and I will never ever forget the way he dragged his toe during his serves. 

(Harry Jerome Tournament - November 2015)

Each week after the sessions would end, most of the group would go out for food and drinks (I was only just 19, not a big drinker, very timid, and yes, I was still with my high school boyfriend at the time) so I always made an excuse not to go. Obviously the more I played volleyball, the less and less time I had for my boyfriend, and he seemed to love to point out the fact that I enjoyed spending so much time "with the guys" at volleyball. Granted yes, there were plenty more guy players wherever I went, but there were other girls there too, and honestly I just loved the pace of the game with guys - still do.
I have no idea if it was several weeks or several months playing volleyball with Mark, but at some point, we started to talk a little bit more and more while at volleyball. 
Eventually, one night there was a few of us walking to our cars together (Mark included), and I distinctly remember having the thought: "If I was going to date one of these guys, I would definitely choose him." 

How terrible of me, I know. I was in a 3 year relationship at the time, and there I was considering who else I would choose for a boyfriend. 

Needless to say, after a few rough nights of fighting with the current boyfriend, and staying later and later after volleyball to chat with Mark about how to handle relationship situations when you don't know if you're happy, one thing lead to another and I took the plunge to end it with my high school boyfriend and take a chance elsewhere. I promise I did not cheat on my boyfriend. I ended things before pursuing an intimate relationship with Mark, but I will admit, emotionally I was checked out and ready to commit elsewhere. 
The next week Mark left a note on my truck which I desperately wish I had kept in my keepsake box, but I think I felt a little too guilty still. It read: "I like the way you play volleyball." So simple, but so direct - To this day those are still defining traits to Marks character.

(White Rock - July 2013)
The week after that, when we were leaving volleyball and Mark said: "you're coming out too right?" I could no longer refuse.  I came out with the group, Mark and I held hands under the table (without even discussing whether we were boyfriend and girlfriend or not) and even texted each other back and forth, right at the table. I KNOW! How cheesy, lame, ridiculous, the list goes on. But, despite how ridiculous it was, it was absolute perfection at the time and neither of us could stop smiling. 
The attraction quickly became undeniable. He wasn't necessarily what I ever pictured myself to end up with, but that just made me love him even more. It wasn't long before we were saying those words to each other, talking and making plans for the future. We moved in after only 6 months, and the rest is history.  He would listen to me rant about work as a legal admin assistant, he supported me when I decided to go to BCIT to become an x-ray tech. We even had to do long distance for 4 months while I was in school, but he was always there to brighten my days. That is the thing about Mark, he truly makes me see, feel and think brighter. 

(1st trip to Whistler together - July 2009)
We have been together 7 years now (since May 2009), and married for 2 and a half of them, and I am forever grateful for that first volleyball league because without it, Mark never would have invited me out or left that note on my car, and those really are the moments that started it all! 
(Our Wedding Day - November 30, 2013)

What's your story?


  1. Aww, I love your love story!
    I'm always curious how couples have met. It's so crazy to find that one person who makes you happier than anybody else, out of all the billions of people out there! It's a miracle, when you think about it.

    1. So true Miriam! I am still amazed everyday that I was lucky enough to find someone to be so closely bonded with!